My Vintage Vacation: Asheville Glamping

My Vintage Vacation: Glamping in a mid century RV at Asheville Glamping

This past weekend, my husband and I set off for Asheville, NC for a long weekend one-year anniversary vacation! I’ve been to Asheville a number of times, but there was something much different about this trip.

We stayed in this:


The Silver Bettie is a 31 foot camper from 1955 that has been restored by the creative couple that owns Asheville Glamping.

I have long been obsessed with vintage campers, and finding out that I could actually stay in one was like a dream come true! The inside was decorated  from top to bottom in retro decor, and it was so charming and perfect that I had to share the details here!


As you can see in the bottom left corner, there was also a 4 person hot tub outside. We took advantage of that at night when it wasn’t 90 degrees outside!

DSC_1722DSC_1723Although we didn’t do any cooking, aside from making coffee (that’s cooking, right?), there was a modern, functional kitchen. I’m obsessed with the circular tile on the counter – might have to think about that for our house!


The kitchen was stocked with midcentury barware and milk glass mugs. I was especially happy to see those sugar and creamer pots in the top right of the cabinet. I have had my eye on some like that on Etsy for a while, and it was good to see the size in real life – way bigger than I’d expected!


How adorable is this vintage red refrigerator? So presh!


The living room was sprinkled with so many vintage trinkets, and the futon was really comfortable (and right by the AC!). I’m also so obsessed with the retro school chairs that are at the table – I want some!


The bedroom was like a dream for me, because I’m obsessed with wood paneling. I felt like I was waking up in a different world every morning! The bed was also pretty comfy! IMG_3738.JPG

Unfortunately, this is the best shot I got of the bathroom (but look at that cute toiletry kit from The Wayward Stitch). There was a good size shower and a legit toilet – not just one like they have in a charter bus or something.

The Silver Bettie was a vintage lovers dream! If I had to pick out a negative, it would be that it was really hot inside. There is a window AC unit in the living room, but that is it, so the bedroom got really hot! It wasn’t a big deal once the sun went down, and we were barely home during the day, so it didn’t bother us that much.

In addition to the camper we stayed in, Asheville Glamping has a ton of other unique places to stay like yurts, glamping tents, domes and other midcentury campers. While most of the rentals are on a 15 acre pastoral property, The Silver Bettie was on a smaller property which is in a more residential neighborhood. On their website, Asheville Glamping  very accurately described it by saying:

Asheville Glamping also has a 3 acre property located just 5 miles to downtown that is home to four of our most popular rentals: The Deluxe Bell tent, tent cabin, Rebel belle, and the Silver Bettie  That property, while partially wooded, is in a densely populated area, surrounded by neighborhoods. The neighborhood on the drive in is typical of low income appalachia and you will see many older mobile homes on the drive-this is very far from an affluent neighborhood which is reflected in the conditions of the properties you pass to get to our 3 acre oasis. However-we live on this property ourselves and All of our neighbors are very nice and appreciate Asheville Glamping ‘s  respectful guests. This property is great for folks who want to be as close to downtown Ashevile as possible.

We enjoyed staying in this location, and had a blast! The proximity to downtown was definitely nice because we went down there a couple of times. Even so, we would love to try out a rental on the 15 acre property for a more campingesque experience in the future!

If you’re looking for a unique vacation in Asheville, Asheville Glamping is definitely worth checking out! Just promise to share the pictures with me when you get back!


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