A Journey Through Other People’s Bathing Suits

100 Years of Swimsuits on The Block Vintage

The start of official summer has got the beach on my brain. Pretty much all I want to do is lay out in the sand all day with while drinking a cocktail and enjoying my new Stephanie Pratt memoir. While I am unable to do this, I figured I might as well look at pictures of people who ARE at the beach. So I opened Pinterest, which somehow threw me into an internet K-Hole of vintage swimwear. Because I do not want all that time I spent late at night sifting through the internet to be for naught, I decided to compile my favorite swim styles into a blog post that will take you on a journey through other people’s bathing suits from the beginning to the end of the 20th century.

(Disclaimer: I am kind of guessing at some of the years.)

Teens through 1930’s:

Film star, Lila Lee on the beach:

Pretty sure I’d wear any of these now, especially the one on the right:

1920s bathing suit

Can’t even choose a favorite here (and is that one on the right end wearing a unicorn horn??):

1920s swimsuits

Can someone make this for me:

1920s swimwear

These look like fun gals:

1930s vintage swimwear

This girl is adorable and how cute is her suit:


Also, I think she was Lindsay Lohan’s inspiration for this picture:

Lindsay Lohan Bubble Bath


Homegirl on the left is killing it:


Plaid ruffles? Sign me up:


This is what Beyonce means by “Slay”:

vintage beach babe slaying



Bonus points for excellent peplum usage. I also see these glasses in my future:

vintage beachwear

This picture is just everything. Apparently it’s from a 1940’s Vogue. It’s now the backdrop of my phone. Can I just stare at it all day:

1940s vogue swimsuits

This could be in any store right now, and I’d totally buy it:

1940s swimsuit

This picture features actress Eileen Coghlan in a photo from a magazine called Yank (awkward name…), which was made for and by men in service. I’m pretty sure it was a 1945 issue:

vintage swimwear

This is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen:

Vintage Swimwear

Now we are moving into some truly glam suits. Look at this bitch:

1950's vogue swimsuit spread


And this Grace Kelly photo is one of my favorite photos of all time:

Grace Kelly 1950's Beach

These girls look super chic:

1950s Swimwear

Simple and perfect:

1950s swimwear

These ladies in their Jantzen swimsuits looks so glamorous. I hope they’re not planning on getting their hair wet:

Vintage 1950's Jantzen Swimsuit

I’m lusting hard after the print on this suit:

1950s Swimsuit

The stunning Marilyn Monroe in a super adorable bikini:



Starting to get a more chilled out vibe:

1960's swimwear

Super mod:


Butt cleavage:


Brigitte Bardot, personal hero:

brigitte bardot

Haley Mills sporting this timeless look:

Haley Mills Classic bikini

This is a more chic look than most 1960’s styles. I love the spaghetti strap detail on the back. I think this is from another Vogue spread:

1960's swimwear

This pic just barely made the cut. The sailor inspired suit on the right saved it:

1960's swimwear

Super groovy print:


Why do I love this so much:

1960's swimwear

Cute and simple:

1970's swimwear

I just love the clean lines of these 1970’s one pieces. And I love brown – not a color you see a lot in swimwear:

1970's swimwear

Working the sarong look, and working it well:


This is what I love about the 1970’s:

1977 Cosmopolitan cover

Palazzo pants done right:

1970s Bikini

These timeless suits were featured in Seventeen:

1970s Swimwear Seventeen Magazine

Could be the 70’s. Could be the 80’s:

1980s swimsuit


Christie Brinkley looks amazing here, but her bikini bottom is making me emotionally uncomfortable:


Chanel spices up a classic suit with a rhinestone belt:

Chanel Bathing Suit Ad

Adorable one shoulder one piece on Brooke Shields:

brooke shields filming blue lagoon

Looks great AND holds your cigarettes:

1980s swimsuit

So much neon in the 1980’s:

1980s neon swimwear

Ladies loving the high cut bottoms:

1990s bikinis

Here’s a Kate Moss bikini photo from a mid-1990’s issue of Vogue Spain:

kate moss vogues spain 90s

My older sister might have actually had this 90’s J.Crew bikini:

1990s J.Crew Bikini

And this 1997 J.Crew catalog features a look the middle school new well: the boy short bathing suit bottom:

jcrew summer 1997

The London Victoria’s Secret swim catalog from 1996 featured a pretty classic bikini:

1996 Victoria Secret Swimsuit

I think some 1990’s Delia’s swimwear selections would wrap this post up nicely, so here you go:Delias Bikini 1990sDelias Bikini 1990sDelias Bikini 1990s

Happy summer, guys!

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