Mixing Modern, Vintage & Denim

What can you find in your grandma’s closet as well as your 3 year old nephew’s? It’s something you can find in the bureau of a construction worker but also in the walk-in dressing parlor of the world’s biggest super models. People from every continent on Earth, and even some dogs, own it. It’s something so versatile and comfortable that almost everybody has at least one piece of it.

Obviously, it’s denim, which you probably already knew from the title of this blog post.

But yeah – denim is everything.  And something about the beginning of fall makes me crave it even more than usual. It’s probably the crisp air and the urge to layer (which hasn’t actually struck yet in N.C., but I’m expecting it any minute…). This anticipation has compelled me to create a collection of fashion sets inspired by denim, some influenced by celebrities and some just motivated by my own fancies. Each set includes at least one piece from my Etsy shop that is available now! Have a look below –

Look 1: Inspired by Alessandra AmbrosioAlessandra ambrosia Fashion Inspiration

Basically, there is never any time that is wrong for a black and white striped shirt with a denim button down thrown over top. Well, never any wrong causal time at least.

Oversized denim button down available here.

T-shirt sold from The Block Vintage.

Look 2: Inspired by Olivia Palermo.

Olivia Palermo Fashion Inspiration

It’s been a hard pill to swallow for some, but double denim is back. And if you can’t get behind it 100%, throw on an army green jacket to break it up!

Oversized denim button down available here. 

Camouflage military jacket sold.

Look 3: Inspired by Whitney Port.

Whitney Port Fashion Inspiration

I didn’t even realize I was inspired by not one, but two, gals from the 00’s hit show, The City. And whatever happened to Roxy Olin? (Okay, sidenote – I just Instagramed her and she apparently works on This Is Us. Good for her! ANOTHER sidenote – Roxy if you’re reading this – I named my mannequin after you in 2009.) Anyways, another denim on denim look here – this time a little more dressed up.

Vintage denim jacket available here.

Look 4: Inspired by Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid Fashion Inspiration

Look like a model on the go by simply adding a denim vest to your sweats. V chic.

Vintage denim vest available here.

Look 5: Inspired by Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale Fashion Inspiration

Now this cami sold, but I love the mix of a delicate top with some 90’s mom jeans. Lucy Hale, thank you for this look!

Vintage camisole available here.

Look 6: Inspired by Hailey Baldwin

hailey baldwin Fashion Inspiration

I love how the oversized shirts are everywhere right now. This mens’ work shirt mixed with Dr. Martens looks edgy and effortless.

Vintage work shirt available here.

And here are some looks I threw together just to showcase a few more denim pieces available in the shop. No commentary needed.

Look 7:

denim skirt

Denim maxi skirt available here.

Look 8:

denim dress look

Denim dress available here.

Look 9:

mom jeans denim look

1990’s Gap jeans available here. 

And now some other incredible pieces of vintage denim that I just wanted to share:

Vintage denim available at The Block Vintage

  1. 1990’s Express Denim Button Down
  2. Sleeveless Plaid Denim Shirt
  3. Scoop Neck Snap Front Denim Shirt from 1990’s GAP
  4. Vintage Bill Blass Relaxed Denim Button Down
  5. 1980’s GITANO Jeans 

How do you like to style your denim? Let me know in the comments below.

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All fashion inspiration sets were created with Shoplook. Details for all items can be found on my Shoplook page in the individual sets.

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