The Best Met Gala Red Carpet Looks

The best Met Gala Red Carpet Looks

I was all excited to look through the Met Gala red carpet photos tonight, until I realized that the Met Gala is actually tomorrow… So what could I do to hold myself over, but dig through past Met Gala pics and compile my favorites? Eat pizza and drink Miller Lite? Okay, I did that too!

Anyways, here are my favorite Met Gala looks from recent memory:

Jourdan Dunn 2015:

Jourdan dunn Met Gala 2015

and Jourdan Dunn 2016:

Jourdan Dunn Met Gala 2016

Allison Williams 2015:

Allison Williams 2015 Met GalaRihanna 2015:

Rihanna Met Gal 2015rihanna-met gala 2015

And Rihanna 2014:

Rihanna 2014 Met GalaRihanna 2014 Met Gala

Emma Stone 2014:

2014 emma stone met gala

Zendaya Coleman 2016:

Zendaya Met Gala 2016

Beyonce 2014:


Beyonce Met Gala 2014

Kendal Jenner 2015:

Kendall Jenner 2015 Met GalaKendall-Jenner--MET-Gala-2015

Poppy Delevingne 2016:

poppy delevingne met gala 2016

Nicole Kidman 2016:

2016 Nicole Kidman Met Gala2016 Nicole Kidman Met Gala

Who are some of your past favorites?

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@theblockvintage) to see my favorites from THIS year tomorrow night!

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