Coachella 2017 Best Dressed Celebrities

My favorite Coachella 2017 looks leaned toward the casual, clean and simple – a breath of fresh air against the mass of over-layered, fishnet adorned celebs who’ve started to look like caricatures of what a “Coachella attendee” is supposed to look like. (Sorry, I’ve been drinking the hater juice – I just spent forever going through outfits, trying to find any I liked enough to post.) Anyways, I did find some that I love, and I’ve they’re listed below, in all their chic af glory:

First of all Lottie Moss wins Coachella 2017:

Best dressed for me, by far:lottie moss Coachella 2017lottie moss Coachella 2017 mossLottie Moss Coachella 2017

Nicole Richie:

Nicole Richie Coachella 2017Nicole-Richie Coachella 2017

Emma Roberts:

Emma Roberts Coachella 2017

Yara Shahidi:

Yara-Shahidi Coachella 2017

Olivia Culpo:

olivia culpo Coachella 2017

Nina Dobrev:

Nina-Dobrev Coachella 2017

Elsa Hosk:

Elsa-Hosk Coachella 2017

Sophie Turner:

sophie turner Coachella 2017

Martha Hunt:

martha hunt Coachella 2017

Who were your favorites? Let me know in the comments below!

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