Using Vintage Pieces in Your New Year’s Eve 2016 Look

It’s not quite Christmas, but you’re probably already thinking about what you’re going to wear on New Year’s Eve. Probably because New Year’s is the 2nd most exciting holiday to plan an outfit for (Halloween is obvi first). You can be super over the top, wear as many sparkles as humanly possible, dress super sexy, channel your inner celebrity and just HAVE FUN with your outfit! I’ve styled some looks with 3 different pieces from my Etsy shop, to give you some style inspiration to ring in 2017.

The first two looks feature this absolutely magnificent 1980’s collarless sequin blazer. It’s very Dynasty, and a head-turner for sure! It works with a skirt, pants, a dress or even just some double sided tape if you’re crazy (hey – it’s NEW YEARS)!

With bodycon mini skirt and booties: Vintage New Year's Eve 2016 Style

With skinny metallic pants:Vintage New Year's Eve 2016 Style

This 1970’s sequined cami is one of my most favorite finds ever, but I honestly had a little trouble thinking of how to style it. I mulled it over and came up with two looks that I love, that are both perfect for a New Year’s Eve on the town.

Pair with a midi pencil skirt and stacked stilettos (the evening bag in this set is also available in my Etsy shop!):

Vintage New Year's Eve 2016 Style

Or pair with flared black pants and platforms:Vintage New Year's Eve 2016 Style

This 1990’s furry, slightly cropped top reminds me so much of Clueless. Fairly warm but still fun, I think it’s a great choice for New Years.

It’s adorable with a sequined mini:Vintage New Year's Eve 2016 Style

But also works with pants, just as well:

Vintage New Year's Eve 2016 Style

These looks are just the tip of the iceberg, as far as items in my shop that work for a New Year’s Eve look! Scroll through the slide show below to see more flashy pieces that are all currently available in the shop:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For information on all other pieces used in styling sets, check out my Polyvore and get item details.

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