Holiday Gift Guide: Etsy Handmade Edition

It’s that gift buying time of year again! It’s always such a delight shopping for other people until you realize you have NO IDEA what to get them. You hit up every store in the mall, rushing around like a lunatic, and then end up getting them a candle.  To avoid all that chaos, I try to get all the gifts I give on Etsy. In my opinion, you can’t find a better selection of interesting, different pieces. There really is something on there for everybody. Any interest you have – whether it be knitting or binge watching The Real Housewives – you can find something relating to it on Etsy. Obviously, I love going through the vintage shops, but today I’m going to focus on my favorite handmade gifts you can find on Etsy. I’ve scoured my favorites to compile the absolute best Holiday gift guide humanly possible (in my opinion).

1.  Jewelry from BooandBooFactory

Handmade from leather and like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Definite statement jewelry, perfect for a trendy friend who has everything!Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Jewelry by BooandBooFactory

2. Backpacks from ModernNaked

Handmade in Spain, these fun backpacks will make your gift recipient look effortless and chic. Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Bags from ModernNaked

3. Embroidered Hoop Art by Elena Caron

I first met Elena at an art show in Raleigh where I immediately bought one of her hoops. I’ve since fallen in love with her work and have bought multiple hoops and even custom watercolors for my bridesmaids. These hoops can be customized and make for a perfect, heartfelt gift!

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Embroidery Hoop Art from ElenaCaron

4. Vegan Leather Bags from TheWaywardStitch

These bags below just skim the surface of what is available from The Wayward Stitch. I love the clean geometric designs! Super modern and perfect for anybody on your gift list. They even offer dopp kits, which can be great for the dude on your list.

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Vegan Leather Bags from TheWaywardStitch

5. Midcentury Architectural Cross Stitches from WindyCityStitchery

I’m obsessed with midcentury architecture and also with cross stitches, so it’s not surprise that I love these. They would make adorable gifts, but I’d also like to purchase the whole set of them for myself, so…Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Cross Stitches from WindyCityStitchery

6. Stationary Box Sets from HeartthrobStudioLLC

The designs on these thank you cards are absoutley dainty – perfect for anybody who likes pretty little things. The boxes they come in are even handmade by the designer.Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Stationary from HeartthrobStudio

7. Wall Clocks by DecoyLab

These whimsy clocks are made with wood and laser cut acrylic. I am partial to the floral motifs, but they have a ton of adorable animal clocks that would be precious in a child’s room. Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Clocks from DecoyLab

8. Tote Bags from BambouchicParis

These totes modern and crips and perfect for literally anybody who wants to carry things around.Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Tote Bags from BambouchicParis

9. Jewelry from BenuMade

Another leather jewelry designer, but with a totally different vibe than the first one. They have an excellent variety from classic geometric designs to more quirky pieces like the hands below.Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Jewelry by BenuMade

10. Custom Pet Portraits from ThePastelPug

I’m a firm believe that any kind of custom pet portrait is a wonderful gift idea. But an custom pet portrait burned onto wood? That is EVERYTHING! Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Wood Burned Pet Portrait by ThePastelPug

11. Succulent Planters from SucculentWonderland

SucculentWonderland has a variety of completed succulent planters as well as DIY kits. Most can be hung vertically or laid flat as a centerpiece. Perfect for everybody – even if you don’t have a green thumb, as succulents are pretty hard to kill.

Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Succulent Planters from SucclentWonderland12. Jewelry from LaliblueShop

I honestly just found these today, but they were so interesting to me that I knew they had to be part of my gift guide! The pieces have a 1920’s feel to them, while being modern and unique at the same time. I’m dying to have the broach on the bottom right corner and I’m sure anybody on your gift list will be as well!Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Jewelry from LaliblueShop

13. Woven Wall Hangings from jujujust

These are definitely more expensive than the other gifts on this list, but how amazing are they?! Perfect for someone you want to spend some coin on, these large, handmade wall hangings are simply incredible. Once or twice, I’ve lost myself in their Instagram feed, trying to pick out a favorite. The hard part will be choosing which one to buy!Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Weaving by jujujust

14. Ceramic Coasters from damsontreepottery

If you’ve ever seen prettier coasters than these lily pad and flower coaster, please show me, because I don’t believe you. These are simply stunning. In fact, they might even be better suited laid out as art pieces. You don’t want to cover these up with your La Croix can!Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Coasters by DamsonTreePottery

15. Kid Gifts from AppleWhite, YelliKelli and andreavida.

I guess I went with a pillow theme here, but definitely didn’t intend to! I’m probably going to buy my niece and nephew some of these tooth fairy pillows (in picture 1) before their teeth even start falling out. They’re just so cute, I can’t even stand it. And as I love custom name items for children, the personalized pillowsand stuffed dogs are right up my alley. I actually have gotten both my niece and nephew the patchwork dogs from andreavida, and I could not recommend her more. The quality is outstanding and they’re just as adorable in person! The name pillows are next on my list and would be great for babies up to pre-teens!Etsy Holiday Gift Guide: Handmade Kids' Gifts

After reading all of that, I hope you’ve found at least one unique gift for someone in your life! Finding unique gifts for Christmas and the holidays can be a pain, but Etsy definitely makes it easier.

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