Using Vintage Pieces in Halloween Costumes


Obviously, thrift stores are goldmines for Halloween costumes, but costumey isn’t necessarily what I’m looking for when I’m buying. So every year around this time, it’s fun to look at my inventory and see what kind of Halloween costumes I can come up with where I incorporate at least one piece from my shop into each costume.  The possibilities are endless, and I love laying it all out on Polyvore. I had to give myself until the end of September to come up with these, or I would never stop!

**UPDATE: sorry for some of the terrible quality images – Polyvore deleted their site and now all I have is screenshot from interest.**

The Brady Bunch

Great group costume that involves men and women – not that it matters – the Greg costume I’ve laid out is all ladies clothing. Super versatile, and you can pair just one vintage piece with things you currently own and still look groovy!

tops are available in my Etsy shop:

Greg Brady (top available in my Etsy shop):


Carol Brady (top available in my Etsy shop):


Marcia Brady (top available in my Etsy shop):



Fresh Prince of Bell Air

If your group wants to do a 1990’s theme, Fresh Prince is one of my favorites. Pretty much every family member has their own unique style, so it’s easy to differentiate between the characters!

Will Smith (top available in my Etsy shop):

will smith

Carlton Banks (oxford shirt available in my Etsy shop):


Ashley Banks (top available in my Etsy shop):


Hilary Banks (top available in my Etsy shop):


Uncle Phil (crew neck sweater available in my Etsy shop):

uncle phil

Sorry, Aunt Viv! Maybe next time?

Freaks and Geeks

Maybe the least obvious for people to guess what you are, but maybe my favorite of the group ideas.

Lindsay Weir (gray top available in my Etsy shop):


 Daniel Desario (t-shirt available in my Etsy shop)


 Nick Andopolis (t-shirt available in my Etsy shop):


Sam Weir (sweatshirt available in my Etsy shop):


Now for the loners or those who don’t want to commit to a group costume.

Notorious BIG

(sweater available in my Etsy shop)

Another idea for the Cosby sweaters you have lying around if you feel the obvious is inappropriate.



MC Hammer

(jacket available in my Etsy shop)

If you have a giant blonde flat top, this could also work for Vanilla Ice.



Thelma & Louise

(denim knotted tank top available in my Etsy shop)

I didn’t have any inventory to go into the Louise portion, but I couldn’t leave Thelma hanging without her bosom buddy. This is one of my dream costumes, but nobody ever wants to do it with me! SOMEDAY!

So even if you don’t buy any of the vintage pieces from my shop, you can find stuff to make all these costumes at thrift shops. You just have to be willing to do some digging!
Have you used vintage pieces for your costumes in the past? Tell me about it in the comments or tag us in a on Instagram @theblockvintage!

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