Take this Denim Jumper From Summer to Fall

1990's Denim Jumper Styled from Summer to FallWhen I’m shopping, I primarily look for pieces that can go from one season to another, so I can get a little more bang for my buck. That’s exactly the case with this adorable 1990’s denim jumper that’s for sale in my Etsy shop! I’ve styled it for the dog days of summer right on through to the crisp November chill of Thanksgiving Day.

August and Hot as Hell:

Skip the layers and let it all hang out! Pair with as little as possible and a hat to keep the sun off your face!


Click here for item details.

Back to School in September:

Keep it sporty, but cute – add some layers so you don’t get sent home.


Back to School

 Click here for item details.

October and Cooling Off:

This jumper looks super cute with a turtleneck underneath, and it also gives you the perfect opportunity to try out clogs. The weather in October is still erratic enough that you may or may not need tights (at least in the south). It will look great either way.



Click here for item details.

Thanksgiving November:

Cover yourself in layers for the holiday. It may be chilly outside, but you might need to shed some pieces if you get the Thanksgiving meat sweats. Lace up ankle booties are a great fall finishing touch.

Denim in Fall

 Click here for item details.

Of course the ideas with this jumper don’t stop there! You could easily carry it right on through the entire year – it’s the perfect layering piece! Super comfortable, super versatile and super on-trend!

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