My Favorite Looks from Fall 2016 Couture

The Best Looks from the Fall 2016 Couture ShowsI spent a big chunk of the evening flipping through Vogues’s slideshows of the Fall 2016 Couture collection shows. I pinned so many looks, I might as well have pinned them all. The hints of vintage inspiration were so lovely and  I was so obsessed with some of them that I decided I had to do a blog post showcasing my favorites!

(Disclaimer: I’m no couture fashion expert, but I love looking at and being inspired by the designers’ work. Don’t expect a Vogue review (not that you would), but do expect my honest opinion…which has no merit on anything!)

First impression-wise, Giambattista Valli’s soft, flowy babydoll dresses were the pieces that stood out to me the most! They are kind of 90’s but also kind of Victorian. I love how they look like they’re made with vintage sheets. They’re just so dainty and…pretty. That seems like a trivial word, but that’s just what they are – they are the definition of pretty. They also remind me of the Luxe sisters in The Virgin Suicides. Gah – they’re also so 1970’s. Every decade in one style of dress! My mind is still being blown!Giambattista Valli Fall 2016 Couture Collection

I also loved the black and white floral babydoll dress, which just didn’t fit in with the above collage. I could totally see that in the wardrobe department for Clueless back in the day. And the two gowns below are just stunning. The whole collection was really, but I’m just trying to highlight my favorites here. PicMonkey CosllageElie Saab is always fabulous, but I loved how he really worked up the 1930’s glam! Black and gold is always a winning combination. Pile on the feathers, sparkles and capes, and I’m in heaven! Somebody PLEASE get Lupita in the middle gown below:Elie Saab Fall 2016 CoutureHis pieces that tied in more color were just as stunning. The details are phenomenal. And there’s another celebrity I need to see in one of these – Lady Gaga has GOT to wear the dress in the middle of the collage below. IT WAS MEANT FOR HER! Elie Saab Fall 2016 Couture

Valentino is my number one favorite designer. This wasn’t my favorite collection from him in general, but I did really love it. This might sound weird, but I feel it was very Kourtney Kardashian meets a really chic pilgrim. I said my first impression favorite was Giambattista Valli, but after thinking about it more – Valentino is my favorite overall. I’m so predictable! Valentino is ALWAYS my favorite! But just look – how amazing is ALL of this:Valentino Fall 2016 CoutureMore amazingness:vvI also have to hand out a few nods to Jean Paul Gaultier, who really worked the orange and green combo. I loved the hairstyles on the models and all of these girls looked so cool that I’d never approach any of them, ever. I also loved the way he played with nature. A handful of the looks were made to look like wood, which I really enjoyed, but I enjoyed these 3 more:Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2016 Couture

Looking through Vogue’s runway collections is one of my favorite things to do when poking around on the web. It’s a great way to find inspiration, and  the Fall 2016 Couture shows definitely did not disappoint. Which designers were your favorite?

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