Vintage 4th of July Style Inspiration

vintage and retro fourth of july outfit inspirationDon’t know what to wear for Independence Day? Want to show off some red, white and blue but don’t want to look like a dork? I’m here for you. Incorporating vintage pieces into your Fourth of July look is a great idea! Why? Well, a couple reasons: vintage items are a great conversation topic when you’re struggling to think of things to talk about with random strangers at pool parties; you won’t be stuck in the same American flag tank top everybody else got at Target; and finally, even if it’s kind of nerdy to wear themed outfits, yours is infinitely cooler than everyone else’s because it’s vintage. I kid. Kind of.

Anyways, I threw together 5 looks to inspire you to add some vintage into your holiday look! Let’s have a gander:

#1: Nautical Retro Lady Chic

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This look is a real statement. It says, “I sail” (even if you don’t)! This vintage sweater vest is a little warm for the south, but could work for a 4th up north!

(Click here to purchase sweater vest!)

#2: Going to See Fireworks and Could Catch a Chill, so You Wear Pants


I put together this look with a picnic under the fireworks in mind. The jeans will keep the mosquitos off your legs and the nighttime chill from getting to you! This mid-century top is perfect for a picnic – it resembles the traditional picnic blanket and also looks cute!

(Click here to purchase mid-century top!)

#3: Classic, Young & Funpv9

To me, this looks like it should be on a commercial for a soft drink. I love this look. I’m just too old to wear it! The vintage blouse can be tied up or left down, and looks adorable either way!

(Click here to purchase vintage blouse!)

#4: At the Beach pv10

This 1990’s ribbed one-piece is SO cute! It also works just as well as a bodysuit as a swimsuit! That makes it the perfect ALL day on the beach piece! Layer with shorts for a super cute July 4th look!

(Click here to purchase vintage bathing suit!)

#5: Kind of Too Cool to Dress in a Theme but Don’t Want to Feel Left Out


This look was inspired by teenagers who don’t give AF and don’t want to wear a themed outfit, but then they kind of do. The 1980’s Rolling Stones t-shirt means nothing to a teenager, but they dug it out of their dad’s closet and feel really cool in it for some reason.

(Click here to purchase 1989 Rolling Stones T-Shirt!)

So those are my looks for the upcoming holiday weekend! If you get some ideas from it, that’s great! Just remember – as long as you’re having fun, you always look good!

Details for all the items can be found on my Polyvore Profile.

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