Celebrating the Textiles of Mexico

Since today is Cinco de Mayo, a day for celebrating Mexican culture and history, I thought I’d share some photos of gorgeous Mexican textiles!

First off, I am obsessed with traditional Mexican embroidery. It’s one of the most distinguishing characteristics of Mexican handcrafted textiles. You can find almost anything you’d ever want for your home or wardrobe adorned with beautiful Mexican embroidery.

These vintage dresses are absolutely amazing:mex

(Links to buy: 1, 2, 3)

As are these pillows:il_570xN.963912096_id31

(Both above available here.)


(Above available here.)

Traditional Mexican serapes are also lovely. Woven on a loom, serapes were first worn as shawls by men, but are more often used as blankets or wall hangings today.


(Above serape available here.)


(Above serape available here.)


(Above serape available here.)

These are just a few of the traditional Mexican textiles full of history and beauty. They are really works of art!

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