Wear it 4 Ways: 1990’s Floral Button Down Tunic Vest

Remember when Express was the coolest store in the mall? You probably still should’ve been wearing Limited Too, but you wanted to seem grown-up, so you’d go in and spend you entire allowance on ribbed tops and oversized sweaters? Well this 1990’s semi sheer button down tunic vest (what a mouthful) was just one of the pieces that  hung on the racks of Express during that time. (For the record, I still like Express – I don’t know why my friends make fun of it…) You might look at this top and wonder how the heck to style it so it looks current. I’ve come up with 4 scenarios that prove this top (currently for sale in my Etsy shop) is way more versatile than it looks!

#1: Casual Fall Look

Vintage 1990's Floral Tunic Styled 4 Ways

Layer under a denim jacket and pair with leggings or skinny jeans – feel free to wear pants free of holes if you don’t want that extra breeze. High tops or booties go perfectly. Add gloves or a hat depending on the temperature and you’re all set!

#2: Classy and Dressed Up

Vintage 1990's Floral Tunic Styled 4 Ways

Tuck into an a-line skirt for a dressy, retro look! Classic accessories and pumps complete the look. Bring along a cardigan if you’re prone to feeling chilly.

#3: Wear to Work

img_2394Vintage 1990's Floral Tunic Styled 4 Ways

This is a great work look for someone in a creative industry! Loafers are my go-to shoe, and they are perfect with this outfit. Pair the top with wide leg trousers and funky jewelry.

#4: Anytime Look

Vintage 1990's Floral Tunic Styled 4 Ways

This is my favorite of the four looks! I love the cropped sweater over the tunic. It is super 90’s and super current. Wear with slightly flared jeans and wedges. If I were a cartoon character who was forced to wear the same thing everyday, I’d want it to be this outfit!

So what do you think? What’s your favorite look? How would you style this top? Check out my other “Wear it 4 Ways” posts for more vintage style inspiration!

(Besides the top, all other pieces in these sets are not available from The Block Vintage. If you’re interested in any other items, details can be found on my Polyvore site. Just click the particular set with the item you’re interested in, and you’ll be given the details on how to purchase!)


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