Dressing My Childhood Style Heros Part 1

My formative television watching years took place in the 1990’s. Every week I looked forward to TGIF and then Saturday morning Teen NBC. I loved Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. I got a little older, and I loved teen soaps and sitcoms. You know, now that I think about it, I probably watched a lot more television than any doctor or “parenting expert” would ever advise. WHATEVER, it was the 90’s. The idea of limiting your child’s “screen time” didn’t really exist yet. Just plop the kids in front of the TV with a diet coke and let them hit each other with the remote control! Not that that’s what happened in my house…It’s fine…

Anyways, as children are wont to do, I began to see certain TV characters as very, very cool. Like so cool I wished I could be them – mostly because of their reckless attitudes (…I was a dork who longed to be edgy) and amazing style (I thought I had this mastered, but you know what they say about hindsight being 20/20…)! So I thought I’d go down memory lane and pick out four of my favorite fictional 1990’s characters, and style them with some pieces from my shop that they’d would have rocked in the good ole’ days.

Up first – the best dressed person on The Cosby Show and A Different World, Denise Huxtable! Denise has style for days. I actually am way more obsessed with her now than I was when the show was on. I was actually too young to realize how cool she was, cool without even trying. Basically I just want still want to be her. Her style was very mature for her character, and I basically consider her character a fashion genius. Like how did she not end up at FIDM or FIT or just going straight to NYC and starting a line after high school?!

Denise Huxtable 1990's Style

(All of Denise’s style inspos are available for sale in the Etsy shop!)

Another favorite in my very young years was Six LeMeure from Blossom. Blossom was okay, but Six was really the star of that show. She talked really fast and always looked flawless – unlike Blossom who had style, but could come off as a little goofy.

Six from Blossom 1990's Style

(All of Six’s style inspos (except the sweater in the bottom left corner – it has sold) are available for sale in the Etsy shop!)

I’m now recognizing a theme of supporting actresses in this list as we come to the un-surnamed, infinitely cool Gia of Full House. If I had to pick just one, I’d say she is my crowning childhood idol. I liked Stephanie Tanner, but she was too much like my actual self to be my “edgy” aspiration. Mickey was okay, but only in 2 episodes and just kind of a snooze. Gia was everything! She played the guitar and had a make out party and really cool boots! COULD I JUST HAVE BEEN HER?!

Gia from Full House 1990's Style

(#s 2,3,4 and 7 of Gia’s style inspos are available for sale in the Etsy shop!)

Last but not least is a cult favorite – My So Called Life.  I loved it and am still angry it only ran for one season. I feel like I could have learned a lot from that show if I’d been given the opportunity. Jordan Catalano was OBVIOUSLY my favorite character, and actually, I kind of did try to dress like him… ehhh…I bought one of those corduroy coats with the wooly collar like he had. Whatever, the preteen years were a confusing time! I was 11! However my style post today does not center around the 2nd hottest high school student of all TV time (Dylan McKay is number 1 obvi), but the unpredictable rebel Rayanne Graff. She was so edgy it was almost a little scary. Her clothes made no sense and she had a really cool mom named Amber (such a cool 90’s name for a MOM) and she liked “The Dead.” Her style involved lots of crop tops with oversized flannels and basically just a lot of throwing on everything at the same time.

Rayanne Graff 1990's Style

(#s 3, 6 and 7 of Rayanne’s style inspos are available for sale in the Etsy shop! Rayanne style stuff goes fast!)

So those are the first four 90’s television style inspirations that came to my head! I did a whole Beverly Hills 90210 series of these back near Halloween that I think I’m going to have to revisit on the blog. Putting them together is just a really good time.



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