Wear it 4 Ways: 1990’s Silk Tank with Velvet Aztec Details

I love versatile pieces of clothing! Who doesn’t, right? Especially now that I’m older (#gross), I try to buy things that I could wear to the office or out on the weekend – and of course, bonus points if it’s a piece that can carry over to more than one season!

That’s just the case with this adorable vintage silk tank, which is currently on sale for just $15 in my Etsy shop. It has a great Aztec print and thick band at the bottom, both in a velvet fabric.Black Velvet Aztec Patterned 1990's Vintage Top

If you’re thinking you love this top but don’t know how it could be so versatile, then you’re in the right place! I’ve styled the same exact top four very different ways, so you’ll know how to get as much use out of it as humanly possible!

#1. Casual Summer Day

Black Velvet Aztec Patterned 1990's Vintage Top Styled Four Ways -


Pair with cut-off shorts, sandals, and bohemian jewelry. This look is perfect for music festivals, street fairs, shopping – pretty much any casual summer activity!

#2. Professional Office Attire

Black Velvet Aztec Patterned 1990's Vintage Top Styled Four Ways -

Layer a cardigan over the blouse, and add some wide leg trousers (skinny pixie pants would be just as cute too). Wear a closed toe heel and simple jewelry, and be the most stylish lady in your cube farm!

#3. Casual Chilly Day

Black Velvet Aztec Patterned 1990's Vintage Top Styled Four Ways -

This look is great for fall or spring (especially in places like NC), when you never know quite what the temperature is going to do. Pile a chunky cardigan over the blouse, pair with flares and platform mules. Add a hat if you’re feeling wild!

#4. Hot Night Out

Black Velvet Aztec Patterned 1990's Vintage Top Styled Four Ways -

This outfit is perfect for a dressy date or a fun night out with your girls. Wear sky high heels and a bodycon skirt with the top. Add some bold sexy jewelry and a clutch, and you’re all set!

I honestly feel like I could go on forever making more and more outfits with this top, but I had to stop myself and get back to life! Versatility is definitely something to consider when buying apparel. It saves you money and helps you get the most out of your clothes. Shoot – you might even have something in your closet that you could wear 10 different ways, but you just hadn’t stopped to think about it yet! Take a look tonight and reinvent your wardrobe!

(Besides the top, all other pieces in these sets are not available from The Block Vintage. If you’re interested in any other items, details can be found on my Polyvore site. Just click the particular set with the item you’re interested in, and you’ll be given the details on how to purchase!)


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