Etsy Roundup: Vintage LOVE

I was single for a lot my twenties and never had a boyfriend on Feb. 14th.  Whenever I did have one, things would just end badly. Someone (me) would end up throwing fried shrimp across a room or crying into her soup (also me) because the other one BELIEVED it when someone said they didn’t want a present. (I didn’t think flowers counted as a gift…) Now that I’m married, my husband and I don’t do too much. We usually just give each other cards (AND FLOWERS) and go to the Mexican restaurant, where there’s no pre fixe menu or need for a reservation (and there’s plenty of queso, might I add). But all through the years, Valentine’s Day has consistently been one of my favorite holidays. I adore anything with hearts all over it, and I eagerly await the day after New Year’s when Target starts hauling out the cutesy loved themed merch.  If I see anything with hearts or the world “Love” on it at a thrift store, it’s almost guaranteed I’ll buy it. I’ve always loved to decorate my house and make valentine’s cookies and cupcakes. I still send my girlfriends “Galentines” every year…I’m rambling – I just LOVE Valentine’s Day, okay!
And I especially love all the “Love” themed vintage stuff on Etsy! So for this Etsy Roundup, I’ve focused on that! All of these items are currently available for sale on Etsy. Click on the thumbnails to get a bigger view and the seller’s name.


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