Vintage Valentine’s Day Outfits

Valentine’s Day is already less than a month away, and whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’ll need to be wearing clothes if you plan on going out in public that day! To save you from standing naked in front of your closet for 2 hours, I’ve got the roundup of adorable vintage pieces that are perfect for Valentine’s Day, and they’re all available for sale in the Etsy shop (just click the “SHOP” link above to get to the store)!

This super 90’s mini dress is excellent for a hot, sexy Valentine’s date! It’s also great if you’re single and trying to hook up, if you’re trying to show a lot of skin and win back an ex, or even if it’s Halloween and you’re dressing up as Cher Horowitz at the Valley party. It’s a lot more versatile that you might think! IMG_1620These next two dresses are just PRECIOUS! They’re both vintage from the 1960’s and are made from the most adorable heart patterned fabrics you could ever imagine. To me, these dresses are just the ticket if you’re going on a tandem bike ride to a picnic in a big grassy knoll, where you’ll nosh on sliced meats and cheeses as you gaze into the eyes of your valentine. However, it’s also really damn cold in February, so the odds of you living out that V.D. scenario are slim to zilch. The good thing about these dresses is that they look really cute with cardigans, and are cute enough to be dressed up but casual enough to be dressed down (click to enlarge).

Remember that incredible song from the 90’s, Black Velvet? Well I think Burgundy Velvet has similarly pleasant ring to it. This 1990’s swing dress is super cute, looks great with tights AND you can stuff your face with Russell Stovers and your food baby will be virtually undetectable! There’s really not much more you can ask for in a dress.


If you’re not feeling a dress for this February 14th, that’s okay – I’ve got plenty of tops that are perfectly appropriate avenues to visually express your enthusiasm for St. Valentine!

Get a hippie dippy lovie vibe in this eyelet crop top:b2df61_8803c96e031140f9b4e7149b69e9c470

Be your own bouqet in these 1990’s florals:


Or wear this for a Valentine’s Day close to the equator:


 Here’s one thing that you (well, most of you) will not be wearing:


This amazing vintage sweater sold yesterday, but I just had to share it! Somebody out there will be looking fabulous!

Hopefully, I’ve helped you if you’re looking for a way to add a pop of vintage to your Valentine’s Day! Feel free to share any other great vintage Valentine’s looks you’ve seen floating around online – I’m a true sucker for anything “LOVE” themed!


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