Current Obsessions: January 2016


It’s January. It’s cold. The holidays are over. The Starbucks red cup has faded out. Summer is but a distant blur in the far away future. I need something to be excited about. I’ve got to take joy in the small things in life right now, or I’ll just go full on SAD, bury myself under blankets and not come out until April. So what’s getting me out of bed in the morning? Well, let me just tell you…

(and I’m definitely NOT being paid to say any of this. Although, I am very open to being paid for it, if anybody wants to work with me on that.)

Vanderpump Rules!

I don’t have cable, so I hadn’t seen more than an episode or two of this wonderful spectacle until it was put on Hulu. I’d like to thank the Hulu executives for that! For the past few weeks, I’ve pretty much been mainlining it, and I really feel like my life has been better because of it. I kind of love Stassi (I’m only on Season 3 and my friends tell me that might change…), Kristin is so annoying, Sheana is a bore and Jax is a douche canoe. So far, the best part of the series is when Tom Sandoval admits to making out with somebody in the pool at The Golden Nugget in Las Vegas.

 The NutriBullet Pro!


I’m obsessed with this thing. Not letting myself drink my smoothie until I’m at work is pretty much the ONLY thing that GETS me to work some mornings! I’ve always been obsessed with places like Planet Smoothie or Smoothie King, but I thought it’d be a huge pain in the ass to make my own smoothies. Not with the Nutribullet though! It’s totally easy (and more importantly – easy to clean). I would drink 6,000 smoothies a day if I could. Here is my favorite recipe so far: carrots, banana, strawberry, peaches, mango and almond milk. I just use a handful of baby carrots, a whole banana and then a few piece of each fruit (frozen). It is so good! NOW I WANT ANOTHER ONE.


Like anybody who’s not a robot, I enjoy music. Specifically right now, I’m really enjoying Elle King’s album “Love Stuff.”  A lot of the songs definitely have a different sound from her single, Ex’s and Oh’s. I love her single, but when I listened to the whole album, I was surprised that it had almost a country vibe. In my non-expert musical opinion, it’s a pretty unique sound and catchy as hell. My favorite tracks are America’s Sweetheart and Under the Influence. I recommend listening to it for sure!

 Motown music also really lifts me up when I’m in a funk. Particularly Nowhere to Run by Martha Reeves & the Vandellas. I had that on repeat the other day while I was cooking, and just danced and danced until I was glistening with perspiration (not near the food). That’s a definite pick me up song, if you ever need one!

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